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I’m actually not the only crazy guy riding around the globe! I propose you some travels who inspired me or strengthened my dream, some persons I met on the road, and other references I used in order to prepare the trip.

  • 3 wheels to the world
    A couple cycling in tandem around the world: 12,000 miles in 16 months.
  • Nomad dream
    Two parents and their seven years old daughter on the road, cycling… and climbing!
  • Solidream
    4 friends on their bikes, 3 years, 34,000 miles… One word: legendary!
  • Objectif Terre
    Great pictures to find on this web site, taken worldwide by a rider from Toulon, like me.
    Give me one, give me two… give me five cycling tours of Europe, and one of Japan!
    Two riders crossing the US from the west coast to the east coast in one summer: 4,000 miles in 2 months and a half!
  • Jeremz’s Adventure
    All around the globe, with beautiful pics and videos.
  • Pignons Voyageurs 
    America, North to South, Alaska to Argentina.
  • Mundobicyclette
    A couple on the road for 7 years who rode 75 000 km through 50 countries. Oh, and they had 2 kids during the trip. No excuses for not travelling!!!!
    + ITW.
  • Tourdumondiste
    An amazing french website which will help you in everything you need to prepare your journey!
  • Diarios de motocicleta, Ed. Ocean Sur, Ernesto “Che” Guevara
    The book written by Ernesto Guevara during his trip around South America with a friend in motorbike, before becoming the “Che”, where the beauty of the landscapes contrats with the extreme poverty of the population. I strongly recommend you to watch the beautiful movie by Walter Salles based on this book: « The Motorcycle Diaries ».
  • On a roulé sur la terre, Ed. Robert Laffont, Alexandre Poussin et Sylvain Tesson
    One year to cross 16,000 miles and 31 countries around the globe, with less than 1,000 euros each!

Met on the road: 

  • Joey and Emmalee
    My hosts in Buffalo: around the US through… Alaska!
  • Eric
    I rode with him between Buffalo and Cleveland.
  • James
    Met in Kenosha, WI, traveling across the US on his skateboard!
  • Sème en selle
    Justine and Jansen, a couple from Québec and France I met in Oregon: Canada › Argentina.
  • Adam
    A New Zealander met in Oregon, cycling around the world!
  • Valentin
    A German guy met in California, heading South.
  • Sami
    A spanish cyclist met in California, riding from Alaska to Argentina.
  • Pédale Moins Vite
    Jérôme and Nelly, a french couple met in California, going down the coast with their 6 years old daughter, Joséphine.
  • Rob and Ness
    A british couple, met in Texas while riding around the world for their honeymoon.

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