When you’re on the road for a whole year, you need a good equipment. But considering price, quality, weight and volume is a real headache! Here is a detailed presentation of what I’m carrying, or at least what I was carrying at the beginning of my trip, and which could have evolved in the meantime.

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  • Electronics
    – Camera: Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ200
    – Computer/Tablet: Asus T100
    – Smartphone: Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini
    – Sports camera: Sony Action Cam HDR-AS20
    – External battery: RAVPower RP-PB17 6000mAh
    – 1 external hard drive
    – 1 USB key
    – 2 extra micro SD cards
    – Adapter France/USA
    – Multiple socket
    – Extra electric batteries
  • Toolbox
    – Pump with valve adapter Presta/Schrader: b’twin MNP 200 Gold
    – Tire levers and patches kit
    – Chain quick links
    – 2 shift cables
    – 2 pairs of break pads: Magura HS Noir
    – Opinel n°08 (knife)
    – Multi-tool pliers: Leatherman Surge (very good pliers, but I didn’t use all of its components, so useless weight, lighter pliers exist).
    – Multi-tool with chain breaker: XLC TO-MT04 15 Fonctions
    – Flat wrench 8 and 10 mm
    – Chain whip: XLC (heavy and unused: sent back home)
    – Lock ring removal tool: Shimano TL-LR15 (heavy and unused: sent back home)
    – Chain checker: BBB ChainChecker BTL-51
    – Extra bolts (for the racks)
    – 2 inner tubes
    – Spokes wrench: Pack Tool SW7c (triple)
    – A few extra spokes
    – Spacers (rings to adjust the height of the stem)
    – Oil
    – Cloth
    – Toothbrush
    – Cotton swabs
    – Lighter
    – Tape
    – Zip ties
    – Ribbon/String
    – Elastics
    For the saddle:
    – Wrench
    (Sent back home with the first saddle)


  • Divers
    – Backpack: Eastpak Padded Pak’r
    – Camera protection: Manfrotto Amica 10
    – Computer protection: Case Logic Eva 11,6
    – Money belt: Go Travel Money Minder
    – 1 travel book
    – 1 travel journal
    – 1 pair of sunglasses
    – 2 pairs of eyeglasses
    – 1 paire of small binoculars (heavy and unused: sent back home)
    – Water bottles: about 3L
    – Multifonction whistle (Compass/Thermometer/Magnifier)
    – Passeport
    – French driving licence
    International driving licence
    – Zip plastic bags to protect the documents
    – France flag
    – First aid kit: antibacterial spray, compresses, ointments, some drugs (aspirin, acetaminophen, anti-diarrheal, antibiotics…), sport tapes, etc.

In the US, REI is the perfect outdoor shop for travelers, with many products available, of high quality, and a fantastic costumer service (for example, REI reimbourses you for any product bought within the year, you just have to show the bill).

On the road, you figure out that you don’t need much… It is easy to mail your extra equipment with USPS (United States Postal Service), but it can be expensive… I always tried to send less than 4 pounds, because over 4 pounds, your mail turns into “priority mail”, way more expensive. The price for a mail just under 4 pounds for France averaged 50$. It was taking around 2 weeks for my mail to get home, so don’t be in a hurry! If you are, well you can use UPS (United Parcel Service), but you won’t like the price…

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